Halloween Rice Krispies Treats

It’s finally close to Halloween which means we are doubling down on Halloween themed treats. There are so many fun things you can do this time of year, but one of our favorites is decorating Rice Krispies Treats. We love doing this for Halloween and other holidays because they are one of the easiest treats to make. We use our brown butter Rice Krispies Treats recipe which makes the most delicious Rice Krispies Treats. These are tasty and so simple which makes them perfect to do with kids or for a Halloween party.

To make the Halloween themed treats, cut a 9x13” square of Rice Krispies Treats (this is the yield for one recipe) into rectangles. Depending on which version you are making, melt dark chocolate and/or white chocolate in the microwave in a plastic bag. Make sure to mix the chocolate ~15 seconds to ensure it doesn’t burn. When it is just melted, pull the chocolate from the microwave and cut a small hole in the corner of the bag. This will give you the ability to drizzle chocolate over the Rice Krispies Treats. Gather your sprinkles or eyeball sprinkles and get to decorating!

Mummies: To make the mummies, drizzle melted chocolate over the cereal treats and place two eyeball sprinkles on top. We like to drizzle by taking a plastic bag and cutting a tiny hole in the corner, but you could also just drizzle with a fork. We like to use a mixture of dark and white chocolate for the Halloween theme!

Spooky Drip Treats: To make the spooky dripping chocolate treats take the melted chocolate and cut a small hole in the corner of a plastic bag. Outline the drip on around half of the cereal treat. Fill in the outline with chocolate.


1 recipe Rice Krispies Treats

⅓ cup melted white chocolate chips

⅓ cup melted dark chocolate chips

24 eyeball sprinkles (if doing just mummies)

Additional Halloween sprinkles if doing a mixture

Instructions for mummy Rice Krispies Treats:

  1. Place melted white or dark chocolate chips into a Ziploc bag

  2. Cut of a very small hole in the corner

  3. Drizzle over the Rice Krispies Treats

  4. Place 2 eyeball sprinkles on top